How to get here


The World Championships will take place in Ponte de Lima l, a small anciant village , home of canoeing, home of our biggest national canoeing clube and hometown of the legend Fernando Pimenta.

The venue is set in Lima river, very close to the village center and passing thoruhg the old roman bridge.

GETTING TO Ponte de Lima

In order to reach Ponte de Lima you have to travel, preferably, to Oporto airport, thought you can also fly from Vigo or Lisbon.

Oporto Airport
GPS: N 41°14'19", W 8° 40'14", N 41 14.328 W 8 40.234

The Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport is located in the heart of the industrial north of the country, 11km from the city of Oporto, making it a privileged access point to this valuable commercial area.

This will be the official airport for this event. All team members are requested to arrive, preferably, to this airport.

There will be a airport transfer fee of 25 euros per person, including a return trip.

If you are renting a car of by your own. take A28 highway in direction of Viana and before reaching the city take the exit to Ponte de Lima.


Vigo Airport
GPS: N 42°13'31.51" W 8°37' 18.96"

The Vigo airport [VGOJ is one of the smallest airports of Spain. It is located 9km from Vigo·s city centre and 83km from the city of Braga.

Vigo airport is located 9km from the city centre, where you have access to trains and busses services to Braga. From Braga there are busses direct to Ponte de Lima.


Lisbon Airport

GPS: N 38° 46' 12", W 9° 07' 41"

Lisbon Airport, providing service to the capital of Portugal, is the busiest and most important airport in the country.


The principal point of entry for travelers arriving in Portugal. Connection to the city centre and interface with Railway Stations by Aeroshuttle and Bus to Braga. Check the alfa Pendular train to braga. From Braga there are busses direct to Ponte de Lima.

If you decide to come from Vigo or Lisbon, please contact us so we can help you. [email protected]

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