All entrances to the competition will be free of charge. We will provide temporary structures for leisure. This will include entertainment, food and beverage kiosks, merchandising kiosks and other activities for the public to enjoy.

There will be a natural stand with 500 seats capacity. The media and VIP zones, including the balcony on the top, will be in a special stand.

For the 2018 worlds the OC has created new spectatores zones, near the portage and near the 2nd turn.

This service, located in the club house nearby the grandstands, will be provided by the Snack Bar, that will not have any connection to the organizing committee.

The information system will be set in 2 places:
- Inside teams area, to provide assistance to all NF`s
- In the public area, near the snack bar.

The merchandising will be set near the main entrance of the venue. It will serve NF`s and Public in general.

There will be temporary structures, placed in strategic location. It will be provided at least 20 units.

There are several banks and a post office nearby the venue, in a walking distance.

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