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2nd Bulletin for the incoming World Championships now available
date Apr 23, 2018
category ICF Canoe Marathon World Championships 2018
The 2nd bulletin for the 2018 ICF Canoe Marathon World Championships presents the layout and course as well as the provisional timetable of events.

With only 4 more months to go, the organizing committee of the ICF Canoe Marathon World Championships published today the 2nd bulletin for all national Federations.

This document provides updated information about the timetable of events, as well as layout of the venue and final course for this major event.

After a request from the organizing committee to the ICF Canoe marathon Committee, to adapt the timetable to a more suitable option for the sports presentation, mostly to be more public friendly and avoid major lunch hour hot weather, there were some negotiations and it end up in aupdated version of the timetable, not perfect but satisfactory from the organizing committee side. 

Also for the course, there was some negotiation with the ICF Canoe Marathon committee, to improve the course used in 2013 and 2016, again with focus in the sport presentation and public at the event. From this negotiation it was created a new course, being the major changes the direction of the turns and of the portage, comparing to 2013 European Championships and 2016 world cup.Now atheletsa will do the laps clockwise, and finding yellow bouys indication that.The portage will now be made with paddelrs moving in direction to the main public stands. Also the start and turning point 2 will be  placed closest to the portage exit, giving a much better view of the complete final lap of the races.

Finally the venue layout, where we also improved from past ECA and ICF events in Prado, with a totally new teams area, on the opposite side of the clubhouse, with much more shadow, privacy and space, as well as new structures, like a athletes lounge, a VIP area, Restaurant inside teams area among other things. This change will also provide more public areas to follow the race, along the portage and the turning points.

All this itens can be checked in detail in the document already published in here 

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