European Championships 2017 documents now available
date Jun 24, 2017
category Canoe Marathon European Championship
The 2017 ECA Canoe Marathon Championships are due next week and teams have now access to all race documents.

The 2017 ECA Canoe Marathon Championships are due next week and teams have now access to all race documents.

Local organization just published today the provisional startlist, Timetable and handbook for the incoming event.

Its now possible to check the event races, shedule and much more detail information, including the final number of laps, the layout of the course and even the competitors list, including the participation of 22 countries.

With the first teams arriving next monday, the venue is almost ready to host this event, one of the biggeste ever in Canoe Marathon in Europe.

Team leaders meeting will happen next wednesday at 14:00 and fist race is set to happen in the day after at 9am.

All files are available at canoemarathonportugal.com

Start List
Competitors List

Also available the online results system where you will be able to follow the results of the event, including the masters Cup happening Tuesday and wednesday.

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